Undergraduate Programs
ProgramDepartmentDescriptionStudy Plans
B.Sc. Architecture EngineeringArchitecture Engineering
The undergraduate Architecture curriculum is composed of 172 credit hours, requiring a minimum of five years for completion. Nine  weeks of  summer practical training is also  required. The Foundation Program stimulates a dialogue based on the student designer's attitudes, knowledge, and concerns in working with multiple scales of en...Read More
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B.Sc. Chemical EngineeringChemical Engineering
Chemical engineers are concerned with processes that make chemical species undergo changes in their chemical and/or physical composition, structure, energy content or physical state in order to produce valuable products.
The B.Sc program at the chemical engineering department at the university Jordan consists of 160 credit hour...Read More
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B.Sc. of Civil EngineeringCivil Engineering
The curriculum provides a broad integrated education that serves as the basis for successful professional career. The curriculum also provides sound basis for continued professional development through informal studies, continuing education, and graduate study in specialized engineering fields.
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B.Sc. Computer EngineeringComputer Engineering
The Department curriculum provides a great opportunity for local and international students to specialize in computer engineering. Computer Engineering students would graduate with excellent knowledge in computers. Both teaching and research activities in computers would benefit to a great extent with the availability of state-of-the...Read More
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B.Sc. Electrical EngineeringElectrical Engineering
To obtain the B.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering the student must successfully complete 160 credit hours of coursework divided into three categories: University Requirements (27 credits), College Requirements (21 credits) and Department Requirements (112 credits). In addition, the student must complete a period of practical train...Read More
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B.Sc. Industrial EngineeringIndustrial Engineering
The aim of this program is to provide graduate students the knowledge and skills needed for problem solving in a wide range of engineering applications related in manufacturing as well as in service sectors. It includes 160 credit hours program which covers the following aspects:
- University Requirements (21 credit hours); Ara...Read More
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BS.c. of Mechanical EngineeringMechanical Engineering
This is a 160 credit hours program that can take the students just after the high school knowledge up to a graduate mechanical engineer having a good career.
Basics of physics, mathematics, chemistry, economics, and electricity will be deeply acquired by the students. Engineering applications and sciences as thermodynamics, hea...Read More
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B.Sc. Mechatronics EngineeringMechatronics Engineering
Mechatronic Engineering started in Japan in the 70’s of the last century. It is a form of systems engineering, whereby engineers understand the interactions between the different fields of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, control systems and programming. System engineering overcomes the classical problem of dealing wit...Read More
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