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Our Facilities


Buildings and laboratories


School of Engineering Was built in circular shape it contains academic departments and its classroom, has also allocated a separate building equivalent of the school building to host the engineering laboratories of different departments, there are more than 60 laboratories that continuously developed and maintained to continuity of performance required of them.


And some laboratories are used for symptoms of research and development by school members and graduate students .


The school has three theatres equipped with audio and visual equipment, accommodate for about five hundred people.


School Library


School embraces in its building branch library to support the main university library and meet the needs of students daily, saluting contain more than 5,000 engineering book and a number of scientific articles.


Public workshops and Maintenance Division


Technical staff employs to train students within the material engineering concerns, and also includes the Maintenance Division, a group of skilled technicians who are all college and do maintenance work and construction of electrical and HVAC additions and extensions.