ABET Accredited Programs


 The Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) is a USA non-profit organization which is established in 1932 under the name: “Engineers' Council for Professional Development”. It is the primary organization which is responsible for monitoring, evaluating, and certifying the quality of applied science, computing, engineering, and engineering technology education. Currently, ABET accredits over 3,700 programs in applied science, engineering, and technology at more than 700 colleges and universities worldwide. The ABET criteria include students, educational program objectives, students’ outcomes, continuous improvements, curriculum, faculty, facilities and institutional support.

To maintain our high level of teaching quality, the School of Engineering adapted the ABET​​ accreditation policy.  The following three B.Sc. engineering programs were accredited by ABET until 2022 :

1.Chemical Engineering

2.Civil Engineering

3.Computer Engineering

4.Electrical Engineering

5.Industrial Engineering

6.Mechanical engineering

7.Mechatronics Engineering