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Program Specifications

BSc. Industrial Engineering 2014/2015 / Program Overview

Ø Background to the program and subject area:

Industrial engineering is a broad professional discipline concerned with designing, implementing and controlling efficient and effective production systems that produce both services and/or physical products. It is concerned with combining and integrating all resources to achieve the production objectives with the best way of resources utilization. Basic production resources include work force, machines and systems, materials and supplies, money and capitals, and management and information.
Ø Vision statements of the program:
To be recognized internationally for offering distinguished industrial engineering education, research, and outreach programs
Ø Mission statements of the program:
To provide a respectable academic environment for research and teaching through its curriculum and partnership with industry. The department is committed to graduate industrial engineers prepared with the proficiency to account for social and technological changes as they mature in the field of industrial engineering, and who can excel in the field after graduation.
Ø Program Aims:
Graduates of the Industrial engineering program are expected within a few years of graduation to:
1.         Demonstrate their ability to integrate and apply knowledge, skills, professional ethics and leadership at national, regional and global levels.
2.         Demonstrate their ability to work successfully both independently and in team functioning effectively as responsible professionals.
3.         Establish themselves as distinguished professionals in industry, academia and other related fields.
4.         Develop themselves in post-graduate studies in Industrial engineering or related fields
5.         Participate in effective research programs to support Jordan's development plans.
6.         Contribute positively to improving the engineering profession to meet the needs and requirements of practicing engineers through the organization of specialized seminars, technical conferences, continuing education programs, joint research programs and advisory services.