BSc. Chemical Engineering / Facilities and laboratories

Ø Teaching Rooms
§ Majed Al-Taher hall
§ Dr.Rajaee Sweis hall
§ CHE 101 hall
§ CHE 001 hall
§ CHE 002 hall
§ Tempous hall

Ø Laboratories
Laboratory name
About Laboratory
Practical application of fluid mechanics and thermodynamics courses
Practical application of process heat transfer and solid particulate courses
Practical application of mass transfer operation and heat and mass transfer operation courses
Practical application of chemical reaction and process dynamics and control
Instrumental Analysis laboratory
Instrumental analysis
Computer application in chemical engineering laboratory
Application of computer software in chemical processes
Numerical Laboratory
Application of computer software in numerical methods
Local Chemical Industries laboratory
Pilot scale of industrial chemical projects
Polymer laboratory
Membranes and separation processes laboratory