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  • 04 - Dec
  • 2023

A student from The University Of Jordan qualified as one of the best 20 graduation projects in the international “Tamayouz” Award

University of Jordan News - Zakaria Al-Ghoul - Student Heba Zakarneh from the Department of Architecture Engineering at the School of Engineering at the University of Jordan, for her graduation project “Urban Stitches”, qualified among the best 20 projects in the finals for the “Tamayouz” Award for international graduation projects in architecture engineering. .

The Zakarneh project, supervised by Dr. Salim Dahabreh, competed against 422 teams and individuals representing 141 universities and 36 countries, who participated in the 2023 award season.

The selection of qualified projects is based on the award’s evaluation criteria, highlighting ambitious and transformative projects that address local and global challenges through a comprehensive understanding of the context.

The award aims to recognize excellence in architectural design and education around the world, and to showcase outstanding architectural examples to promote and stimulate debate regarding architectural designs and opinions.​