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  • 25 - Nov
  • 2022

A student from UJ Architecture won the third place in JSRI competition

Sondos ALhadeares from the Architecture Department at the University of Jordan with team has won third place at the Jordan Space Research Initiative (JSRI) for the Space Architecture Design Competition to design a space analog research facility to be built in Wadi Rum.
For this competition, participants were asked to take into consideration the below points in order to help them initiate and develop their designs:
1. Architectural Concept and Design Process
2. Site Analysis and Integration of Site Characteristics
3. Concepts of Construction
4. Materials
5. Minimum Functions of the Facility

The minimum requirements for the design proposals are split into the following sections:
1. Environment and Site Analysis
2. Conceptual Approach and Development
3. Materials and Construction
4. Cost Estimation
5. Schedule and Timeline
6. Sustainability

Congratulations to Sondos and to our department.​