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Program Specifications

BSc. of Civil Engineering / Program Overview

Ø Background to the program and subject area:
The curriculum provides a broad integrated education that serves as the basis for successful professional career. The curriculum also provides sound basis for continued professional development through informal studies, continuing education, and graduate study in specialized engineering fields.
Ø Vision statements of the program:
The Department of Civil Engineering will excel in undergraduate and graduate teaching, in research in all sub-areas of civil engineering, and in service to the public. The department will make significant contribution to the economic development of the region and nation
Ø Mission statements of the program:
Offer high quality education to prepare competitive engineers for a successful career, conduct state-of-the-art research to provide service to the university engineering profession, and the public.
Ø Program Aims:
1.     Have a strong foundation of scientific and technical knowledge and are equipped with problem solving, critical-thinking, and tools and skills necessary to enable them to be successful civil engineers.
2.     Preparing competent graduates that have the ability to serve the industrial market locally and globally
3.     Graduates that have the ability to conduct and perform quality research
4.     Graduates that are highly capable of perusing higher graduate studies.