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Program Specifications

MSc. Computer Engineering and Networks / Program Overview

Ø Background to the program and subject area:

The M.Sc. in Computer Engineering and Networks program, initiated in 2008, responds to the demand of bachelor's degree holders seeking advanced studies in computer engineering. The two-year program is structured around key areas such as computer networks, information security, and computer architecture, with elective courses covering contemporary topics like the Internet of Things, wireless networks, cloud computing, and big data analysis, providing students with a broad learning and research scope.

The program's objectives include enhancing scientific research in the Department of Computer Engineering, preparing engineers proficient in scientific research and problem-solving, nurturing elite students for doctoral studies, finding solutions for industrial problems through joint research projects, and establishing scientific cooperation with local and international institutions.

The intended learning outcomes encompass a deep understanding of concepts in computer architecture, wired and wireless networks, and network security. Students are expected to employ higher-order thinking skills in problem-solving, demonstrate proficiency in designing and managing systems, exhibit a commitment to continuous professional development, and contribute to the advancement of computer engineering science.

Graduates are anticipated to pursue careers as computer hardware engineers, systems analysts, network architects, information security analysts, computer programmers, research assistants, academic faculty members, among others. The program emphasizes ethical responsibility, independence in learning, and the application of research methodologies in the preparation of research and reports related to computer engineering and networks. It also aims to equip students with the ability to assess changes in the field and analyze factors influencing it on local, regional, and global scales, providing insights into potential future developments.​

Ø Vision statements of the program:
 Excellence in teaching and research in the field of computer engineering and networks at the local, regional and international level.
Ø Mission statements of the program:
Preparing and qualifying engineers specialized in scientific research and solving dilemmas in the field of computer engineering and networks to benefit the society and the industrial sector.
Ø Program Aims:
1.    Enhancing scientific research activity in the Department of Computer Engineering.
2.    Preparation of specialized engineers and experienced in scientific research and solving engineering problems in the field of computer engineering and networks and software applications.
3.    Preparation of elite students who are able to pursue their studies to obtain a doctorate degree.
4.    Finding solutions for the technical problems facing the public and private industrial sector in the Kingdom through the adoption of joint research projects.
5.    Establishing and strengthening scientific cooperation with local and international research institutions.
6.    Meeting the increasing need of educational institutions and the industry for qualified and specialized employees in the fields of computer engineering and networks.