School of Engineering :: The University of Jordan ::

Program Specifications

MSc. Industrial Engineering/ Management (Thesis and Non- thesis Track) / Student Outcomes

Each Graduate student will demonstrate the following attributes by the time he/she finished the program:

1.    Demonstrate advanced knowledge and in-depth understanding of the key concepts, principles, techniques, paradigms and theories ofEngineering Management (EM).
2.    Demonstrate an informed and critical awareness of the current problems, research issues and methods, technological advancements pushing the frontier of knowledge in the field of EM
3.    Identify, formalize, and solve real-life business and EM related problems by planning, designing, and implementing their solutions.
4.    Apply effectively advanced EM principles in the overall management of organizations oriented to manufacturing, construction, engineering, technology, or production.
5.    Coordinate critical functions of an organization, including organizational management and behavior, operations, project management, marketing, cost and quality control, finance, staff, technical requirements, and engineering contract management, and supervise technical development and implementation processes from start to finish while maintaining high performance.
6.    Create new or improve existing ideas, concepts, techniques, methods, tools, and theories in the field of EM and identify ways in which these can be applied to solve existing, new or anticipated problems.
7.    Express and communicate ideas cogently, persuasively and effectively, in written and oral form, to a diverse range of audiences and stakeholders.
8.    Work effectively as a member/leader of a team of technical people who may plan, design, implement, manage, monitor and evaluate a program, project, system or process.
9.    Recognize, accept, and follow ethical and social responsibility and respond positively to the needs of society by identifying, employing and utilizing effectively the advanced EM methods, techniques, skills and technologies.