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  • 27 - Mar
  • 2024

Amazon officially accredits the University of Jordan and includes it in the AWS Academy program

University of Jordan News -Zakaria Al-Ghoul - Amazon Cloud Computing Services has officially approved the University of Jordan as an affiliate of the AWS Academy program for the Youth, Technology and Jobs project, in accordance with the cooperation agreement concluded between the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship with the official Jordanian universities.


This program gives higher education institutions the opportunity to qualify students to obtain certificates and distinguished technical skills, paving the way for them towards a future full of opportunities in the communications and information technology sector, especially in the field of cloud computing and emerging technologies.


Through the project, the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship, in cooperation with Jordanian universities, is working to integrate these programs into the study plans of students in information technology, engineering, and other majors, to achieve a sustainable impact by involving leading companies from the private sector in the university education stage.