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Catching Daylight: Improving Natural Illumination Levels in Deep-Plan Drawing Studios at the University of Jordan



This paper investigates enhancing internal natural illumination levels of existing drawing studios in the Architecture Engineering Department at the University of Jordan for the purposes of securing a better learning environment and lowering energy costs. These studios are artificially lit all daytime despite the existence of large side windows. By using the daylight factor method, the daylight factor was measured inside a selected studio and then via a scale model in the Artificial Sky Lab under clear sky conditions. The scale model enabled us to study several elements or factors affecting daylighting. By using high transmittance glass, changing the windows' wide frames, adding reflective panels facing the studied studio's windows and using bright white paint for the studio's interior walls, the daylight factor increased by 6-13.5% in the studio model. These interventions can be applied on existing and other studios and labs in the University. Moreover, the method used can be replicated to improve daylighting in similar deep-plan rooms due to its easily applicable and simple low-cost tools.


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