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Program Specifications

BSc. Industrial Engineering 2019/2020 / Study Plan

First: University requirements: (27) credit hours, divided as follows:

First: Preparation Program Requirements

All students admitted to the university must apply for a degree examination in Arabic and English and the computer is prepared or approved by the university to determine their level. Based on the results of the examinations, either the student will study one or more of the requirements of the preparatory program

(0 - 15  Credit Hours) ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
NotesPrerequisitesCredit HoursCourse No.Course TitleNo.
Pass/Fail 33201099Basics of  Arabic1
Pass/Fail320109933201100Arabic Languages Skills 2
Pass/Fail 33202099Basics of English3
Pass/Fail320209933202100English Language Skills4
Pass/Fail 31932099Basics of Computing 5
Compulsory Requirements ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
​(18 Credit Hours) ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
NotesPrerequisitesCredit HoursCourse No.Course TitleNo.
  32220100Military Science1
  33400100National Culture2
 320209933400101Learning&Research Skills3
 340010133400102Communication Skills4
 340010133400103Introduction to Philosophy and Critical Thinking5
  33400104Human Civilization6
  (Zero credit; one-hour weekly meeting)3400105Campus Life and Ethics7


Electives ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
(9  Credit Hours) ​ ​ ​ ​

Elective courses: (9) credit hours to be chosen from the first, second and third groups mentioned below. The student has to choose one course from each of the groups. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
(First Group)
NotesPrerequisitesCredit HoursCourse No.Course TitleNo.
  33400107Great Books1
  30400101Islam and Current Issues2
  32300101Arab-Islamic Civilization3
  32300102 Jordan: History and Civilization4
(Second Group)
NotesPrerequisitesCredit HoursCourse No.Course TitleNo.
  31000102Legal Culture1
  30300102Environmental Culture2
  31100100Physical Fitness Culture3
  30400102Islamic Culture4
  30720100Health Culture5
(Third Group)
NotesPrerequisitesCredit HoursCourse No.Course TitleNo.
  33400109Entrepreneurship &  Creativity1
  32200103Foreign Language2
  31600100Electronic Commerce 3
  31900101Social Media4
  32000100Appreciation of Arts5
  33400106Special Subject6
  31601105Administrative skills7

Second: School courses: distributed as follows

  1. ​Obligatory school courses: (27) credit hours
  2. Elective school courses: (0) credit hours

  1. Obligatory school courses: (27) credit hours:
Course NumberCourse TitleContact HoursCredit HoursPre-requisite





0301101Calculus (1)3-3-
0302101General Physics (1)3-3-
0302111Practical Physics (1)-310302101or co-requisite
0904131Engineering Drawing and Descriptive Geometry2

2   Drawing

2 Computer

0301102Calculus (2)3-30301101
0302102General Physics (2)3 30302101
0302112Practical Physics (2)-310302102or co-requisite
0966111Engineering Workshops (EW)-31-
0907101Computer Skills for Engineers3-31932099
0301201Calculus (3)3 30301102
0901420Engineering Economy3-390 Cr. Hours Successfully

Third: Specialty courses: (110) credit hours distributed as follows:

  1. Obligatory specialty courses: (93) credit hours
  2. Elective specialty courses: (18) credit hours

  1. Obligatory specialty courses: (93) credit hours:
Course NumberCourse TitleContact HoursCredit HoursPre-requisite
0303101General Chemistry (1)3-3-
0333109General Chemistry Laboratory for non-chemistry students for non-chemistry students-31

0303101 or


0906273Properties of Engineering Materials3-3


{0966111 or


0903203Electrical Engineering3-30302102
0934221Engineering Mechanics3-30301102
0904248Thermal and Fluid Sciences3-30302102
0936251Engineering Statistics (1)3-30301102
0906274Properties of Engineering Materials Laboratory-310906273
0301202Engineering Mathematics (1)3-30301201
0903204Electrical Engineering Laboratory-310903203
0904249Thermal and Fluid Sciences Laboratory-310904248
0906333Engineering Design2330934221 + 0904131
0906356Engineering Statistics (2)3-30936251
0906384Methods Engineering and Work Measurement3-30936251
0906305Principles of Linear Algebra3-30301202 + 0907101
0906315Metal Forming Processes3-30906274 + 0906333
0906347Industrial Control Systems3-30903204
0906358Statistical Quality Control3-30906356
0906481Human Factors Engineering3-30906384
0906302Research Methods for Engineering2-20906356
0916357Deterministic Operations Research3-30906305
0906415Metal Cutting Processes3-30906315
0906421Production Planning and Control3-30906305
0936441Metrology and Engineering Measurements3-30906315
0936482Human Factors and Work Measurement Laboratory-310906481
0916542Industrial Automation2-2

{0906415 or





Automation and automatic control Laboratory-
0906425Facilities Planning and Material Handling3-30906421
0936442Metrology and Engineering Measurements Laboratory-310936441
0946513Metallurgical Processes3-30906415
0906505Information Systems for Industrial Engineering3-30906421
0916515Manufacturing Engineering Laboratory-310946513
0916525Logistics Engineering and Supply Chain Management3-30906425
0916555Probabilistic Operations Research3-30916357 + 0906356
0916553Simulation 2330916555
0916500Field TrainingTraining Regulations3115 Cr. Hours Successfully
0976598Graduation Project (1)-31


{0906302 }

0976599Graduation Project (2)-62

(0976598Successfully) or

(incomplete with department approval)



  1. Elective specialty courses: (18) credit hours:
Course NumberCourse TitleContact HoursCredit HoursPre-requisite





0906417Non-ferrous Metals and Non-ferrous Alloys3-30906315
0906445Microprocessors in Industrial Engineering3-30906347
0906572Biomedical Materials Engineering3-30906315
0906573Polymers and Plastics Engineering3-30906315
0906401Organization Design and Control3-30906421
0906404Production Engineering3-30936441
0906428Entrepreneurship and Management of Creativity and Change3-30906421
0906483Industrial Safety Engineering3-30916525
0906501Selected Topics in Manufacturing engineering3-30906415
0906516Steel and Iron 3-3

0946513 or


0906517Non-traditional Manufacturing Processes3-30906415
0906518Design for Manufacturing and for Assembly3-30946513+ 0906333
0906522Project Management3-30906358
0906523Setting up and managing small businesses3-30906421
0906526Strategic Planning3-30906421
0906531Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing3-30906415
0906533Product Design and Marketing3-30906421
0906534Design and Manufacturing of Tools and Dies 3-30906415
0906551Quality Management3-30906358
0906561Reliability and Maintainability3-30906358
0906576Materials Testing3-30936441+ 0936442
0906579Rapid Prototyping and E-Manufacturing3-30906415
0906580Manufacturing Systems3-30916542
0906423Cost Accounting3-30901420
0906500Selected Topics in Engineering Management3-30906425
0906506Lean and Agile production systems3-30906425
0906574Nano-materials Engineering3-30946513
0906577Composite Materials Ceramic and Powder Technology3-30946513
0906454Algorithms Design and Programming2330916555
0906566Management of Maintenance  and Operating systems3-30916500


Field Experience:

Description, timing and number of credit hours:

Eight (8) weeks of field training is required to obtain a Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Engineering. Practical training is done in public and private institutions, companies and offices working in engineering fields approved by the Training Committee. Students are allowed to start training after the completion of at least 120 credit hours of his / her study plan successfully after obtaining the prior approval from the Committee. For more information on the following link:

Practical training instructions for students of the School of Engineering

IAESTE Jordan Office