School of Engineering :: The University of Jordan ::

Program Specifications

BSc. Industrial Engineering 2019/2020 / Employability

The need of Local and regional Industrial and service sector for industrial engineers prepared with skills in the areas of man ufacturing engineering and engineering ma nagement. ​​

Ø Potential Careers

Graduates are qualified to work as engineers in different fields:
1. Industrial fields:
The industrial fields that are managed by Industrial engineers are very large, mainly Therapeutics and Medical, Construction Industry, Mining Industry, Printing, Packaging Paper printing cartoon and Stationeries, Leather and Garments, Wooden and Furniture, Food، Supplies Agricultural and Livestock, Electrical Engineering and IT Industry, Chemical and Cosmetics Industry, Plastic and Rubber Industry.
2. Quality management and quality control and assurance.
3. Product design and materials selections.
4. Continuous improvement and development in both manufacturing and services sectors.
5. Supply chain and logistics engineering, and marketing.
6. Follow up safety issues in the factories:
The safety engineer is responsible for the safety of workers from various hazards of industry.
7. Engineering Designs:
Industrial engineering is concerned with the study of the engineering designs related to the various industries. In addition, to organize, arrange and follow up the process involved in the production.
8. Scientific Research:
Industrial engineers conduct many scientific types of research in the universities and factories, to find solutions to problems in different industries and other scientific research.
9. Engineering Consulting:
This work requires the Industrial engineer to have a high level of skills so that he is qualified to work in many fields engineering consultations.