MSc. Maintenance Engineering and Quality Management / Program Details

Program Title:

  Master of Science (M.Sc.) Degree in Maintenance  Engineering and Quality Management

Program Code:   Plan Number 2015

  Level of Study:  Postgraduate / Master level

Final Qualification: Master's degree in Maintenance Engineering and Quality Management

Faculty: School of Engineering

Industrial Engineering

Duration of the Program : 
4 academic semesters (2 years). The study plan of the program conforms to   the valid regulations of the programs of graduate studies

Credit hours/ contact hours​ 30 Credit hours/ 30 contact hours

  Language of Instruction: English

  Entrance Requirements:

This plan conforms to the regulations of the general frame work set by The Faculty of Graduate Studies.

2.     Specialties allowed to enrol in this plan are according to the following admission priorities:

a.       - The first priority: Industrial Engineering

b.       - The second priority: Mechanical Engineering

c.        - The third priority: Mechatronics Engineering

d.       - The forth priority: Biomedical Engineering

e.        - The fifth priority: Electrical Engineering

f.        - The sixth priority: Chemical Engineering

g.        - The seventh priority: Civil Engineering

h.       - The eighth priority: Computer Engineering

i.         - The ninth priority: Architectural Engineering

Admission policy: First policy

  No. and date of approval by the Ministry of Higher Education

2015/9/28 Date 2015/29/496

  No. and date of national accreditation of the program:    2015

Date of production/revision: 20 1 5

  (name,  phone numbers & email):

    Prof .Issam Jalham

Mobile :0796402555​