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Program Specifications

MSc. of Mechanical Engineering (Renewable Energy) / Student Outcomes

1-    To provide a thorough training in the principles of renewable energy systems.

2-    To enable student to develop engineering solutions to important regional and global energy problems in order to meet the regions needs for renewable energy through carrying out fundamental and applied research using appropriate design methods and analysis tools.

3-    To broaden and enhance students skills on efficient problem solving , critical-thinking, team working and professional communication.

4-    To provide students with extensive knowledge on social and ethical codes, energy regulations, energy efficiency, international agreements, conventions and standards wish they can actively use in their professional activities.

5-    To train engineers, scientists, environmental scientists and policy analysts to participate in the development of the renewable energy industry in Jordan and the region.

6-    To provide students with capacity of self-learning in familiar and unfamiliar situations and for efficient time and resource management.

7-    To develop in students leadership skills so they can play principle roles in academic and industrial organizations in the engineering areas.

8-    To enable students to pursue phD and other advance postgraduate studies in the field of renewable energy.​