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Program Specifications

MSc. Computer Engineering and Networks / Student Outcomes

1.    Discusses and analyzes basic concepts, principles, techniques and theories in the areas of computer architecture, wired and wireless networks, and security of computer network systems.
2.    Employing the skills of higher thinking, critical and creative thinking, and practicing scientific thinking and logical analysis in investigating, diagnosing and addressing the issues and problems of computer engineering and networks.
3.    Use relevant techniques in the fields of computer engineering to design, analyze and manage systems and resources.
4.    Demonstrates interest in independent self-learning and continuous professional development, demonstrates commitment to acquire and generate unique knowledge and skills, and proposes new ideas and programs that contribute to the development of computer engineering science and networks
5.    Accomplishes accuracy in achievement and works effectively within the team and prepares and presents presentations on important and modern topics that develop the techniques used in the fields of computer engineering and networks.
6.    Student shall bear the responsibility and exercise his rights and duties within the value system of the society and shall deal with the national institutions and the local community.
7.    To employ the research methodologies and the tools derived from them and methods of data collection, analysis and interpretation in the preparation of his letter and the preparation of different types of research related to computer engineering and networks and prepares qualitative reports in the light of their results.
8.    Assess changes that have occurred in the field of computer and network engineering and analyze the various factors that are controlled locally, regionally and globally, explore and diagnose the network of international relationships and interactions affecting them and provide scenarios for their future potential developments.