BSc. Chemical Engineering / Project and Research

  • Graduation Project

Each student performs a detailed study of a chemical engineering problem from the selected process chosen in project (1). The final report submitted by the group should include mass and energy balances, process flow diagram and detailed design of one or more items of equipment and other equivalent tasks. Project duration is two semesters. Students are allowed to register in the project after complication of 120 credit hours.


  • Practical Project

The course is offered to students in the 5th year. Students will work in groups of 3 to 5 students. Each group will have a supervisor to guide them through the course. Each group must define a problem to work on, identify and specify the requirements in order to execute the project. The project may focus either on experimental work (in the lab) or simulation problem or both. The course will help students to enhance their experimental design and data analysis skills, communications (oral and written) skills, team work and research skills.​