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Program Specifications

BSc. Chemical Engineering / Employability

Ø Potential Careers
Graduates are qualified to work as engineers in different fields:
1. Industrial fields:
The industrial fields that are supervised by chemical engineers are very large, mainly chemical, oil and petrochemical industries, nanotechnology, paint industry, food and pharmaceutical industries, plastics industries, water desalination, cement industry, fertilizer industry, pollution control and reduction, Corrosion.
2. Follow up the security and safety issues in the factories:
The safety engineer is responsible for the safety of workers from the hazards of various chemicals, according to their knowledge of them and how to deal with those hazards, in different factories such as oil and petrochemicals, it is imperative for the engineer of security and safety to give approval for any maintenance site after inspecting the workplace.
3. Engineering Designs:
Chemical engineering is concerned with the study of the engineering designs related to the various chemical industries. The chemical design is a production and commercial objective. It is the science of gathering information to reach the optimal design through the selection of the industrial process and its conditions, the chemicals used therein and the necessary equipment to complete the industrial process. In addition to the responsibility of the chemical engineer to organize, arrange and follow up the units correctly and calculate the feasibility of the whole process involved in the production.
4. Scientific Research:
Chemical engineers conduct many scientific types of research in the universities and factories, such as finding effective methods of waste disposal without harming nature, finding solutions to problems in different industries and other scientific research.
5. Engineering Consulting:
This work requires the chemical engineer to have a high academic degree so that he is qualified to work in all fields of chemical engineerings, such as in the environmental and other fields.