MSc. of Mechanical Engineering / Student Outcomes


·      Act professionally and ethically in a modern work environment through effective communication and leadership, and responsible teamwork.

·      Maintain the desire for innovation and engagement in lifelong learning in response to emerging technologies, social developments, and contemporary issues.

·      Conduct research and present results in scientific forums and contribute to the advancement of the scientific body of knowledge.

·      Able to apply knowledge of mathematics and science in a creative and innovative way to design, to develop and produce useful products and/or services for society; and be able to manage these activities.

·      Able to apply knowledge of specialized Mechanical Engineering concepts in engineering analysis, and design in a Mechanical as well as understand the impact of their engineering solutions in global and societal context.

·      Able to effectively communicate analysis and design ideas to peers, clients and customers.

·      Able to review, analyze, and interpret the body of scientific literature, contemporary issues and innovations in Mechanical Engineering area.

·      Able to apply and validate innovations and discoveries in the lab or real-world settings in efficient and effective ways utilizing modern engineering tools.

·      Able to conduct and produce quality research in Mechanical engineering, and understand professional and ethical responsibility.

·      Able to effectively write and present the research output in international journals, conferences, patents, research proposals and other scientific venues.