School of Engineering :: The University of Jordan ::

Program Specifications

BSc. of Mechanical Engineering / Employability

There is a great need in the local, regional and global labor markets for qualified mechanical engineers who are able to face the renewed challenges in the various jobs of mechanical engineers, and mechanical engineering graduates have wide fields of work where they can work in:

Ø  Consulting offices in the field of design and supervision of mechanical services for buildings, factories, and hospitals, including heating and air conditioning, water and sanitation networks, filtration systems, fire-fighting, steam and compressed air systems, medical gases, infrastructure works such as water and sewage networks, purification stations and other different mechanical systems.

Ø   Contracting companies in implementing the projects mentioned in the first item.

Ø  Engineering trade companies, which import and sell the mechanical materials and equipment necessary for the projects mentioned in the first item.

Ø   Power plants and thermal stations.

Ø  Operation and maintenance of factories.

Ø  The fields of renewable energy and its exploitation for home use and institutions for heating, water heating and electric power generation.

Ø  The field of engineering education.

Ø  The field of mechanical machinery industry.

Ø  Maintenance and operation work in large commercial complexes such as hotels, hospitals, malls, universities, and others.​