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Program Specifications

BSc. of Mechanical Engineering / Program Details

Program Title:
B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering
Program Code:
Level of Study:
Final Qualification:
Bachelor's degree
School of Engineering
Department of . Mechanical Engineering
Other Department(s) involved in teaching the program:
Department of Industrial Engineering.
Department of Electrical Engineering.
Department of Civil Engineering
Mode of Attendance)e.g., full time):
Full time
Duration of the Program:
Five years or ten semesters
Credit hours/ contact hours:
160 Credit hours/ 186 contact hours
Language of Instruction:
Entrance Requirements:
Program admission requirements:
1-    The student must have a Jordanian general secondary school certificate or equivalent.
2-    The student must not be less than 80% in the secondary level.
3-    Students of the general secondary school certificate / (Industrial Branch) are allowed to apply for admission to the program, and they must success of the two additional subjects scheduled for the Industrial branch.
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Program regulations:
Conditions for obtaining a bachelor's degree:
The student must pass the minimum number of credit hours for the study plan (160) credit hours as follows:
University requirements: 27 credit hours.
Faculty requirements: 21 credit hours.
Department mandatory requirements: 91 credit hours.
Department elective requirements: 21 credit hours.
Additional compulsory public requirements include community service.
Successful completion of practical training.
The cumulative student average in the total credit hours of the study plan (160 credit hours) should not be less than 2.
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No. of approval by the Ministry of Higher Education:
Date of approval by the Ministry of Higher Education:
Date of Production:
Date of Revision:
Program Director:
head of the department of Mechanical Engineering​