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Program Specifications

MSc. Electrical Engineering/Communication / Student Outcomes

It is expected that the program will provide opportunities for students to develop and demonstrate knowledge and understanding, skills and competencies and other properties in the following fields:
1.            Demonstrate a sound, in-depth and up-to-date technical    knowledge in the field of specialization.
2.            Ability to identify and solve engineering problems in their chosen field of study.
3.            Acquire the skills for continued professional development and independent self-learning.
4.            Demonstrate the ability to communicate technical information effectively and professionally both orally and in writing.
5.            Utilize up- to- date knowledge in advanced electrical engineering/ Communication.
6.            Demonstrate competence within the area of electrical engineering/ Communication through the application of knowledge and skills and other sciences.
7.           Maximize use of information technology applications to enhance advanced roles of electrical engineering/ Communication practice, education, and research.
8.           Prepare and present oral presentation to a professional standard.
9.            Write an original research to a professional standard that build up knowledge in electrical engineering/ Communication discipline and other related sciences (for Thesis Track).