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Program Specifications

BSc. Electrical Engineering / Project and Research

Description, timing and number of credit hours:
In the first semester (after the completion of 124 credit hours of the student plan successfully) (3 credit hours), an issue is identified for the student in one of the electrical engineering tracks. He is asked to rely on himself to find a solution to this issue (which can be either practical or theoretical). Students in the project are expected to develop their research and independent work skills and train them to adhere to a schedule of work on their project and be able to interpret and write their results professionally.
In the second chapter the student must complete the work that he started in the first semester. Where possible, the student is asked to use the appropriate software available to solve his problem and simulation of the solution and build a practical model and make the necessary measurements where possible and ask the student to write an integrated report and in accordance with the instructions issued by the department.