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Program Specifications

BSc. Electrical Engineering / Program Overview

Ø Background to the program and subject area:
The department of Electrical Engineering was established in 1977 as one of the eight academic departments in the School of Engineering. It aims at achieving the following goals:
  • Providing the basic education in electrical engineering disciplines as well as keeping a reasonable balance between theory and practice.
  • Graduating competent electrical engineers, by ensuring education quality and properly guided training.
  • Participating in effective research programs to support Jordan's development plans.
  • Contributing positively to improving the electrical engineering profession to meet the needs and requirements of practicing engineers through the organization of specialized seminars, technical conferences, continuing education programs, joint research programs and advisory services.
The program offers bachelor and master degrees in electrical engineering. The bachelor program is carefully organized to give the student enough breadth and depth in the basic fields of electrical engineering. The student is then given a greater degree of specialization in the fifth year within the fields of communications, electronics, power systems, and control.
The department also offers two master programs, one in communications and the other in electrical power, in response to national and regional needs, and as a result of the maturity of the bachelor program offered by the department.
Graduates of all programs have a good reputation with many of them occupying leading positions in the fields of electrical engineering.
Ø Vision statements of the program:
To be the region’s innovative leader in providing excellent electrical engineering education and conducting high quality fundamental and applied research.
Ø Mission statements of the program:
To provide high quality education in electrical engineering disciplines, prepare graduates for divers careers in electrical engineering, contribute to the country’s economic development, meet the needs of the industry and society, and to bring faculty and staff a rewarding career in teaching and research.
Ø Program Aims:
  1. Graduates will contribute to the country’s economic development and assume leadership role in industrial and academic local, regional, and global institutions.
  3. Graduates will communicate effectively in multidisciplinary environments, engage in self professional development and attainment of contemporary knowledge, and conduct duties professionally and ethically.
3.     Graduates will adapt to diverse careers and collaborate with others to solve problems with creative thinking.