School of Engineering :: The University of Jordan ::

Program Specifications

BSc. Architecture Engineering / Employability

Ø Potential Careers

The engineering works occupation practice fields include:

  1. Engineering studies or those pertinent to the engineering works as follows:
    • Design: architectural design, urban design, landscape, interior design, furniture, sculptures, units such as windows and doors and lighting units.
    • Planning.
    • Economic feasibility study.
    • Cost calculation study.
    • Analysis and study assessment.
    • Engineering schemes preparation.
    • Technical specifications setting.
    • Schedules of quantities preparation.
    • Contractual terms and conditions formulation for engineering works implementation.
    • Technical reports preparation.
    • Proposals studying and submission.
    • Technical consultation provision.
    • Engineering opinion provision.
  2. Supervision: to follow up and monitor the study, design and auditing works implementation of the engineering and industrial projects, maintenance and operation projects, and the inspection and examination in accordance with the technical principles set by the Board upon a submission made by the relevant disciplines boards.
  3. Engineering education: the engineering education in the academic, university, technical, technological and vocational fields.​