Developing an Integrated Solar Powered System to Generate Hydrogen from Sea Water


This paper highlights efforts to design and fabricate a lab-scale integrated module to generate and purify hydrogen from sea water obtained from Gulf of Aqaba in a totally green process. The electrochemical reactor performance was controlled and monitored online. Multiple regression analysis was used to produce a model to show the effect of panel temperature (Tc), solar irradiation (Ir) and current (I) on the production of hydrogen (Q): Q = 158.0047-0.37203×Tc 1.6 + 0.02923×Ir 1.4 + 0.006901×I 2 This model was selected according to the highest R 2 and R 2 adj and model significant according to ANOVA statistical analysis based on F-and P-tests. The produced hydrogen was further purified using a Pd-Cu membrane and the results revealed that the membrane was able to separate and purify hydrogen from the feed mixture with infinite selectivity in the studied range of variables.