Study on the viscosity of jojoba oil blends with biodiesel or petroleum diesel


​In this study, generalized equations for predicting temperature-dependent viscosities of jojoba oil/biodiesel (JO-BD) and jojoba oil/diesel blends are given and a Buddenbrerg–Wilke mixing equation for predicting the viscosities of the blends is used. For JO-BD blends, the maximum overall absolute average deviation obtained using the proposed models is 1.85% and it is comparable with that obtained using Tat and Van Gerpen (1.96%) model and at the same time lower than those obtained using Walther model (4.61%) and Wang– Briggs model (4.68%). The results obtained using Buddenbrerg–Wilke mixing equation are in agreement with those obtained using Arrhenius and Cragoe mixing models.