Continuous Genetic Algorithm as a Novel Solver for Stokes and Nonlinear Navier Stokes Problems


​The one-dimensional continuous genetic algorithm (CGA) previously developed by the principal author is extended and enhanced to deal with two-dimensional spaces in this paper. The enhanced CGA converts the partial differential equations into algebraic equations by replacing the derivatives appearing in the differential equation with their proper finite difference formula in 2D spaces. This optimization methodology is then applied for the solution of steady-state two-dimensional Stokes and nonlinear Navier Stokes problems. The main advantage of using CGA for the solution of partial differential equations is that the algorithm can be applied to linear and nonlinear equations without any modification in its structure. A comparison between the results obtained using the 2D CGA and the known Galerkin finite element method using COMSOL is presented in this paper. The results showed that CGA has an excellent accuracy as compared to other numerical solvers.