( 0908466 )Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS)
Course Description :
An overview of MEMS. Material and Fabrication Techniques: MEMS materials, silicon, metals and metal alloys, polymers, Fabrication Techniques, deposition, lithography, etching, bulk and surface micromachining, wafer bonding, thick-film screen printing, electroplating, LIGA, porous silicon, electrochemical etch stop, focused ion beam etching and deposition, polymeric micromachining, three dimensional microfabrication. MEMS Sensors:Mechanical transduction, piezoresistivity, piezoelectricity,capacitive techniques, optical techniques, resonant techniques, vibration excitation and detection mechanisms, resonator design characteristics, pressure sensors, force and torque sensors, inertial sensors, flow sensors. MEMS Actuators: Actuation techniques, electrostatic piezoelectric, thermal, magnetic, switches and relays, micro motors, micro pumps, robots. Modeling MEMS Devices: Dimensional analysis, scaling and scaling laws, thermally driven systems, modeling elastic structures, coupled thermal-elastic systems, electrostatic-elastic systems, magnetically actuated systems, microfluidics, lumped models, limits of continuum mechanics.
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Credit Hour :3
Department :Mechatronics Engineering
Program :BSc. Mechatronics Engineering
Course Level :Fourth year
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