( 0908381(or 0908351))System Modeling and Vibration(or Systems Dynamics)
Course Description :

Introduction to system dynamics, nonlinearities and linearization, Laplace transform, solution of linear differential equations using Laplace transform, transfer function of linear systems, dominant poles, block diagram and signal-flow graph, state diagrams, state-space representation of linear systems, time response analysis of first-order and second-order, mathematical modelling of electrical networks, translational mechanical systems, and electromechanical systems, undamped one-degree-of-freedom vibration of a rigid body using the equation of motion and energy methods, analysis of undamped forced vibration and viscous damped forced vibration.

Pre Request :0301202 + 0903211 + 0904222
Credit Hour :3
Department :Mechatronics Engineering
Program :BSc. Mechatronics Engineering
Course Level :Third year
Course Outline :
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