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  • 25 - Jun
  • 2024

Dr. Nabil Al-Kurdi from the University of Jordan –School of Architecture participates in a symposium at international teaching events at the University of Brescia, Italy.

University of Jordan News - Professor of Architecture at the School of Engineering at the University of Jordan, Dr. Nabil Al-Kurdi, participated in the International Teaching Activities organized by the Italian University of Brescia last May, by presenting a symposium entitled “The Role of Universities at Enforcing Public Participation." in Urban Design and urban Planning/The case of the University of Jordan."


In his participation, Al-Kurdi touched on the importance of the role of universities in contributing to local community issues, highlighting the proposal to develop Abdullah Al-Lawzi Street (Baladiya Street), for which the urban planning methods course was allocated for master's students, and which provides realistic solutions in cooperation between students, the local community, and local authorities and authorities. The municipality, in order to develop realistic solutions that are compatible with the aspirations and needs of the local community, with a focus on developing a plan to implement the best proposals with the contribution of partners and stakeholders who benefit from residents and owners of institutions located in the area, shops, and others.​