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  • 06 - Feb
  • 2024

Obeidat inaugurates the sixth annual regional conference “Emerging Trends: Gateway to the Future” Organized by the branch of the Institution of Industrial Engineers at the University of Jordan

University of Jordan News -Sanaa Al-Smadi - The sixth annual regional conference, “Emerging Trends: Gateway to the Future," organized by the Institution of Industrial and Systems Engineers branch at the University of Jordan, kicked off today, Monday, at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Amman, under the patronage of the President of the University of Jordan. Dr. Nathir Obeidat.

In a speech he delivered during the opening of the conference, Obeidat said, “We meet today to see the fruits of achievement and to show pride that these students represent a part of the University of Jordan, which in turn forms a part of the nation."

He added that today we need more innovations and technological skills. The university is no longer the place where we learn traditional knowledge and information. Rather, we are all required to learn everything new. A university degree is no longer sufficient to enter the labor market.

Obeidat revealed that the university is about to launch new projects at the beginning of next year, by introducing programs and courses that employ artificial intelligence in study plans, noting that the university has approved teaching 9 hours in the English language and 9 others in the Arabic language, 6 hours in digital skills, and 9 others to prepare students for the market. Work, in order to build the student's capabilities and skills to enter the labor market armed with education, knowledge, and the ability to think effectively.

Addressing the students, he said, "I see excellence and creativity in your eyes, which gives confidence that you are on the right path. You face great challenges, but I am confident that you are able to continue to excel and possess the strength and ability so that each one of you has his own success story."

Obeidat sent a message to those who love industrial establishments to embrace distinguished students and owners of entrepreneurial projects and provide them with skills to provide the nation with youth expertise.

In turn, the Dean of the School of Engineering, Dr. Menwer Attarakih Al-Abbady, confirmed that the forum, which is organized by the School's Industrial Engineering Department, represents a group of enthusiastic and committed young people who have created a community for engineering and systems students with the aim of meeting academic and social needs, and providing opportunities to participate in creative community initiatives.

He also pointed out that the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineering Engineers, with its branch at the University of Jordan, was activated in 2016 as a non-profit organization and part of the largest professional association for industrial engineers. It includes approximately 500 graduate students.

Al-Abbady called on the students to have the spirit of engineering in theory and practice. The future of engineering is full of challenges and opportunities, pointing out that it is a profession that requires high skills in innovation, cooperation, adaptation and continuous learning so that students can change the world for the better.

As for the Director of the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Dr. Reem Al-Fayez, she explained that innovation will not come out of nowhere, as it requires spirit, determination, and teamwork that enhances this spirit, stressing that we find this spirit in the students of the University of Jordan, and that we work together in a team spirit under the directives of the university president and its administrative staff to provide an environment Supportive, encourages innovation and appreciates risk-taking with the aim of development.

She pointed out that we must create societies that raise the value of thought, pointing to the work of the “IISE" team in the School of Engineering with the teaching staff of which we are proud, indicating that the journey of innovation is a collective journey, in which every individual has a role to play, from the student in the lecture, to the researcher in The laboratory and the lecturer in his classroom, all the way to our entrepreneurial graduates in their offices.

The head of the University of Jordan Branch, Muhammad Al-Amad, confirmed that the reason for choosing “Emerging Trends: A Gateway to the Future" as the title of the conference was to prepare a conscious generation of engineers capable of overcoming challenges and shining in the labor market, indicating that this goal will not be completed or succeed without understanding the developments in the specializations. Engineering and science trends in it, pointing out that the world is developing day after day, and if we do not keep pace with it with continuous education, we will miss the train of excellence and creativity.

Al-Amad reviewed the establishment of the Institution of Industrial Engineers (IISE), the student branch at the University of Jordan in 2016, which won the Golden Branch Award as the best student branch in the Middle East in the last four years.

Some of the conference's supporters, such as the Jordan Bromine Company and Bank al-Etihad, gave a presentation on the role of their institutions in supporting leadership and innovation.

At the conclusion of the opening of the conference activities, Karam Obeidat, alongside Al-Abbady, honored the members of the Executive Council and the academic supervisor in charge of this conference, and its supporters, in the presence of the Vice Presidents of the University of Jordan and an elite group of academic professors, engineers, specialists with experience, and university students from all over the Arab world.

Over the course of two days, the conference addresses a number of topics related to artificial intelligence from the perspective of engineers, project and risk management, augmented reality in industry, and other topics.

It is noteworthy that the Institution of Industrial and Systems Engineers is the largest professional gathering in the world to support young people. It aims to meet the academic and social requirements of young people, and seeks to link university life and the labor market for industrial engineers to provide the labor market with the experiences it requires for recent graduates.