Calculation of the elevator round-trip time under destination group control using offline batch allocations and real-time allocations


The use of Destination Group Control (DGC), or Hall Call Allocation (HCA), in elevator traffic system group control is the current trend in intelligent and advanced supervisory control and expected to dominate the market in the future. In the conventional elevator traffic design process, designers usually start with a simple calculation in order to obtain a conceptual estimate of the suggested design prior to moving onto simulation. But due to the lack of a suitable set of equations for elevator traffic calculation for DGC systems, designers are forced to carry out the elevator traffic design process for a system controlled by DGC solely by using simulation. Due to dependence on the simulator and algorithms it uses, different simulation packages will produce different resultant designs. Thus, the motivation for this paper is to use calculation in order to achieve more transparency and repeatability in the design of DGC systems.​