Assessment of Occupational Safety and Health Performance Indicators for Jordan


Authors: Awwad Dababneh, Rami H Fouad, Abdul Jaleel Hamad Majeed
Journal: Journal of Fundamental and Applied Sciences
Volume: 10
Issue: 6S
Pages: 162-169
Publisher: University of El Oued
The Occupational Safety and Health Performance Indicators is a crucial issue in most organizations around the world. The accurate reporting and analysis for workplace injuries, illness and fatalities is a subject that attracts most firms and researchers in recent years. The aim of this paper is to assess occupational safety performance in Jordan and identify changes in performance over past years. Moreover, is to compare performance indices to those of countries in the same region and the world. Injuries data for Jordan were taken from the social security corporation (SSC) for the years 2010-2014, and for years 2002-2009 from SSC and International Labor Organization (ILO) published reports. For comparison, twenty-one countries were defined and their safety performance indicators were identified from ILO’s website; including neighboring, regional, and high performers. Results indicated that Jordan had a fatalities rate similar to those of its neighboring and regional countries, but at the global average of 15.6 fatalities per 100000 insured workers for the year 2006. The main conclusion drawn out of this paper is that Occupational Safety and Health Performance in Jordan suffer from stagnant performance, this paper proposed a framework for continuous improvement in Jordan that focuses on establishing an efficient data collection and analysis system.