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expand Course Level : First Year
Course TitleProgramCourse Outline
expand Course Level : Second Year
Course TitleProgramCourse Outline
Computer Programming for EngineersBS.c. of Mechanical Engineering
MECH-0934202-Computer Programming for Engineers-2017.pdf    
DynamicsBS.c. of Mechanical Engineering
Thermal and Fluid ScienceBS.c. of Mechanical Engineering
MECH-0904248-Thermal and Fluid Science-Sep-2016-Fall.pdf    
Engineering Numerical Methods BS.c. of Mechanical Engineering
MECH-0904302-Engineering Numerical Methods-Sep-2016-Fall.pdf    
expand Course Level : Third year
Course TitleProgramCourse Outline
System Dynamics and Vibrations BS.c. of Mechanical Engineering
MECH-0904312-System Dynamics and Vibrations-Sep-2016-Fall.pdf    
Thermodynamics (2)BS.c. of Mechanical Engineering
MECH-0904342-Thermodynamics II-Sep-2016-Fall.pdf    
Fluid Mechanics Lab.BS.c. of Mechanical Engineering
MECH-0904362-Fluid Mechanics Lab-Sep-2016-Fall.pdf    
Material Lab.BS.c. of Mechanical Engineering
MECH-0904374-Materials Lab-Sep-2016-Fall.pdf    
expand Course Level : Fourth year
Course TitleProgramCourse Outline
Thermodynamics Lab.BS.c. of Mechanical Engineering
MECH-0904345-Thermodynamics Lab-Sep-2016-Fall.pdf    
Mechanical Vibrations BS.c. of Mechanical Engineering
System Dynamics and Control BS.c. of Mechanical Engineering
MECH-0904372-System Dynamics and Control-Feb-2014-Spring.pdf    
Machine Design (1)BS.c. of Mechanical Engineering
MECH-0904435-MachineDesign I-Sep-2016-Fall.pdf    
Design of Machine Elements BS.c. of Mechanical Engineering
MECH-0904437-Design of Machine Elements-Sep-2016-Fall.pdf    
Air Conditioning(1)BS.c. of Mechanical Engineering
Air Conditioning-1.pdf    
expand Course Level : Fifth year
Course TitleProgramCourse Outline
Modern Control SystemsBS.c. of Mechanical EngineeringNot Uploded
Engineering Measurements Lab.BS.c. of Mechanical Engineering
MECH-0904424-Engineering Measurements Lab-Sep-2016-Fall.pdf    
Refrigeration SystemsBS.c. of Mechanical Engineering
MECH-0904453-Refrigeration System-Sep-2016-Fall.pdf    
Fluid Mechanics(2)BS.c. of Mechanical Engineering
MECH-0904462-Fluid Mechanics II-Sep-2016-Fall.pdf    
Design of Sanitary Systems BS.c. of Mechanical Engineering
MECH-0904467-Design of Sanitary Systems-Sep-2016-Fall.pdf    
Failure and Fracture AnalysisBS.c. of Mechanical Engineering
MECH-0904481-Failure and Fracture Analysis-Sep-2016-Fall.pdf    
Introduction to Finite Element MethodBS.c. of Mechanical Engineering
MECH-09447060-Introduction to Finite Element Method-Sep-2015-Fall.pdf    
Design of Mechatronics Systems BS.c. of Mechanical EngineeringNot Uploded
Applications in Mechanical Design BS.c. of Mechanical Engineering
MECH-0904538-Applications in Mechanical Design-Jan-2016-spring.pdf    
Heat Transfer (2)BS.c. of Mechanical Engineering
MECH-0904542-Heat Transfer II-Sep-2016-Fall.pdf    
Solar EnergyBS.c. of Mechanical Engineering
MECH-0904554-Solar Energy-Jun-2015-Summer.pdf    
AutotronicsBS.c. of Mechanical Engineering
MECH-0954585-Autotronics -Sep-2016-Fall.pdf    
Selected Topics in Applied Mechanics BS.c. of Mechanical Engineering
Special topics-introduction to flight.pdf    
expand Course Level : Master
Course TitleProgramCourse Outline
Numerical AnalysisMS.c. of Mechanical EngineeringNot Uploded
Engineering MathMS.c. of Mechanical Engineering
Finite Element MethodMS.c. of Mechanical Engineering
FEM Masters.pdf    
Research MethodologyMS.c. of Mechanical Engineering
DynamicsMS.c. of Mechanical EngineeringNot Uploded
Composite MaterialsMS.c. of Mechanical EngineeringNot Uploded
Heat TransferMS.c. of Mechanical Engineering
Adv. Heat Transfer.pdf    
Fluid MechanicsMS.c. of Mechanical EngineeringNot Uploded
Selected Topics in Mechanical EngineeringMS.c. of Mechanical EngineeringNot Uploded
expand Course Level : Doctorate
Course TitleProgramCourse Outline
Micro and Nano SystemsPhD. of Mechanical EngineeringNot Uploded
Mechanical Systems and ControlPhD. of Mechanical EngineeringNot Uploded
Fuzzy Logic and Neural NetworksPhD. of Mechanical EngineeringNot Uploded
Viscous FlowPhD. of Mechanical EngineeringNot Uploded
Radiation Heat TransferPhD. of Mechanical EngineeringNot Uploded
Theory of PlasticityPhD. of Mechanical EngineeringNot Uploded
Optimal ControlPhD. of Mechanical EngineeringNot Uploded
Non-Linear Systems and ControlPhD. of Mechanical EngineeringNot Uploded