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expand Course Level : First Year
Course TitleProgramCourse Outline
expand Course Level : Second Year
Course TitleProgramCourse Outline
Technical WritingB.Sc. Industrial Engineering
IND-9066690-Technical writing-Sep-2013-Fall.pdf    
Properties of Engineering MaterialsB.Sc. Industrial Engineering
IND-0906273-Properties of Engineering Materials-Sep- 2018-Fall.pdf    
expand Course Level : Third year
Course TitleProgramCourse Outline
Engineering AnalysisB.Sc. Industrial Engineering
IND-0906303-Engineering Analysis-Sep-2018-Fall.pdf    
Systems Dynamics and ControlB.Sc. Industrial Engineering
IND-0906345-system dynamics and control-Sep-2018-Fall.pdf    
Quality ControlB.Sc. Industrial Engineering
IND-906352-Quality Control-Sep-2018-Fall.pdf    
Engineering Statistics-2B.Sc. Industrial Engineering
IND-0906355-Engineering_Statistics II-Sep-2018-Fall.pdf    
expand Course Level : Fourth year
Course TitleProgramCourse Outline
Organization Design & ControlB.Sc. Industrial EngineeringNot Uploded
Manufacturing Processes LabB.Sc. Industrial Engineering
IND-0906412-Lab. MfEg-Sep-2018-Fall .pdf .pdf    
Facilities PlanningB.Sc. Industrial Engineering
IND-0906422-Facilities Planning-Sep-2018-Fall.pdf    
Industrial Machines DesignB.Sc. Industrial Engineering
IND-0906437-Industrial Machines Design-Sep-2018-Fall.pdf    
Metrology & Engineering Measurements LabB.Sc. Industrial Engineering
IND-0936442- Metrology and Engineering Measurements Laboratory-Sep-2018-Fall.pdf    
Algorithm Design and ProgrammingB.Sc. Industrial EngineeringNot Uploded
Human Factors & Work Measurements LabB.Sc. Industrial Engineering
IND-906482- Human Factors in Engineering Laboratory-Sep-2018-Fall.pdf    
expand Course Level : Fifth year
Course TitleProgramCourse Outline
Special Topics in Engineering ManagementB.Sc. Industrial Engineering
IND-96500-Special Topics in Engineering Management-SEp-2014-Fall.pdf    
Industrial Engineering Information SystemsB.Sc. Industrial EngineeringNot Uploded
Project ManagementB.Sc. Industrial Engineering
IND-0906522-Project Management-Sep-2014-Fall.pdf    
Strategic PlanningB.Sc. Industrial Engineering
IND-0906526-Strategic Planning-Sep-2014-Fall.pdf    
Computer Aided Design and ManufacturingB.Sc. Industrial EngineeringNot Uploded
Tool and Die Design and ManufactureB.Sc. Industrial EngineeringNot Uploded
Quality Management B.Sc. Industrial EngineeringNot Uploded
SimulationB.Sc. Industrial Engineering
IND-096553-Simulation-Sep-2018-Fall.pdf .pdf    
Business Systems Modeling and DesignB.Sc. Industrial EngineeringNot Uploded
Plastics EngineeringB.Sc. Industrial EngineeringNot Uploded
Surface TechnologyB.Sc. Industrial EngineeringNot Uploded
Composite Materials and Powder TechnologyB.Sc. Industrial EngineeringNot Uploded
Rapid Prototyping and E-ManufacturingB.Sc. Industrial EngineeringNot Uploded
Manufacturing StrategyB.Sc. Industrial EngineeringNot Uploded
expand Course Level : Master
Course TitleProgramCourse Outline
OPERATIONS RESEARCHM.Sc. Industrial Engineering/ ManagementNot Uploded
APPLIED ENGINEERING STATISTICSM.Sc. Industrial Engineering/ Management
0906702 Applied Statistics.pdf    
INDUSTRIAL QUALITY CONTROLM.Sc. Industrial Engineering/ Design and ManufacturingNot Uploded
HUMAN FACTORS IN INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERINGM.Sc. Industrial Engineering/ ManagementNot Uploded
SYSTEMS SIMULATIONM.Sc. Industrial Engineering/ ManagementNot Uploded
ENGINEERING ECONOMYM.Sc. Industrial Engineering/ ManagementNot Uploded
ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCEM.Sc. Industrial Engineering/ ManagementNot Uploded
MATERIALS SELECTION FOR DESIGN & MFGM.Sc. Industrial Engineering/ Design and ManufacturingNot Uploded
NON-TRADITIONAL MANUFACTURING PROCESSES M.Sc. Industrial Engineering/ Design and ManufacturingNot Uploded
ANALYSIS & DESIGN OF PRODUCTION SYSTEMSM.Sc. Industrial Engineering/ ManagementNot Uploded
DIE DESIGNM.Sc. Industrial Engineering/ Design and ManufacturingNot Uploded
SPECIAL TOPICS IN ENGINEERING MANAGEMENTM.Sc. Industrial Engineering/ ManagementNot Uploded
INDUSTRIAL HEALTH AND SAFETY ENGINEERINGM.Sc. Industrial Engineering/ Design and ManufacturingNot Uploded
MODERN MATERIALS TECHNOLOGYM.Sc. Industrial Engineering/ Design and ManufacturingNot Uploded
CORROSION M.Sc. Industrial Engineering/ Design and ManufacturingNot Uploded
COMPOSITES AND POLYMER ENGINEERINGM.Sc. Industrial Engineering/ Design and ManufacturingNot Uploded
PRODUCT DEVELOPMENTM.Sc. Industrial Engineering/ ManagementNot Uploded